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This site dedicated to exploring horizons in new communication studies. The site is oriented towards education, technology and communication, including computer-assisted studies in English, especially skill studies in writing, language and literature using technological extensions, primarily computer and internet resources helpful in education. The following outlines and links some of the areas under development.

English Matters: A growing repository of English studies materials

Resources: Focus on materials and guides for English studies
Business Communication Formats
CThink Alpha
S.T.A.R. Vocabulary
Student Work: E82 ; E93 ; IEP

Boundless Journals:

E-zines:  EnCompass North & South: This section is a collaborative product of international university students, faculty, and staff in both journalistic style (EnCompass: North) and satiricalstyle (EnCompass: South)

FYI -- Today's "Of the Day Page"


Education Matters: A start at developing resources and internet links with an emphasis on education
Computers and Internet Information Matters: Here are some materials related to insructional technology and computer applications. Some course materials are reposited here with further development to come.
    CAOT 406: Some audio explorations; CAOT 407: Some video explorations; CAOT 415: A case study with Kirin restaurant example

Instructional Technology ITEC (SFSU courses): ITEC 800--Learning theory pages ; 745 Final Project -- an initial instructional site for business communications formats;

Yahoo RSS Newsfeed: some links to RSS feeds

ITEC 830 Page