According to the reading schedule, for each text chapter do the following:

1. Create a graphic organizer ("mind map") of 3-5 main ideas and supporting elements in each chapter. You may use MS Word's drawing tools, the Freemind software, or another tool of your choice
2. Write a summary paragraph using your mind map as guide.
3. E-mail your assignments as attachments to me at
4. Post your work on your personal blog.

Business Communication Assignments:
Overall assignment: Chapter summaries and maps
Write memo re: objectives for taking class
Develop illustration re: letter formats
Letter Assignments:
Write letter of Introduction
Write letter of Recommendation
Write cover letter
Write letter of Persuasive/Sales letter
Develop personal Resume
Create a Logo -- ViaSyl
Create a Letterhead -- ViaSyl
Use example data and create an Excel data presentation chart
Write a memo report
Create an electronic portfolio of the above materials for midterm and final

Assignment: Letter of Recommendation

1. Work with another English 93 student.

2. Ask questions, in person or by e-mail, to enable you to gather information for recommending the student for a position in a company, student government, or scholarship, etc.
3. Draw a map of the information you collected.
4. Write a letter of recommendation for the student you questioned, highlighting their special skills, background, etc.
3. E-mail your completed map and letter of recommendation to me and the class for review.