Course Title Business Communication
Course Number English 93
Instructional Contact 3 Units
Prerequisite(s) None
Co-requisites None
Instructional Materials
and References
Required text:
Angell, Pamela A. Business Communication Design. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007. ISBN-13 9780073223582
MHID 0073223581)
Recommended text:
Business Communication Handbook.
The course emphasizes the role of critical and creative thinking in the business communication process.
Students learn a systematic approach to designing messages for targeted business communication situations.

Course Description
Course description (current university catalog):
Eng 93 eng 93 - Business Communication
Communication and information science in the applied context of business studies, including vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking skills in the subject areas of marketing, international business, data processing, accounting, finance, management. (3 units)
Course Objectives Primary E93: Business Communication objectives are to improve the ability to comprehend and produce effective written and oral business communications, to evaluate business messages within appropriate local and global contexts, and to apply systematic language processing strategies for critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in a variety of business settings.
Measurable Students will demonstrate competency in achieving the course objectives through presentations, discussion and applications. They will be able to create effective business documents to mastery level with few if any flaws in composition and mechanics.
Learning Objectives
Topical Outline The scope of the course involves applying and extending communication skills relevant to managerial discourse, including the theoretical foundation and technological extensions of business communications.
Course Outline 16 Session Assignment Schedule
1 C1 The Basics
2 C2 How Business Communicates
3 C3 Creating Effective Messages
4 C4 Listening: A Silent Hero
5 C5 Creating and Using Meaning
6 C6 Designing Messages with Words
7 C7 Designing Oral Presentations
8 C8 Business Writing Design
9 C9 Direct and Indirect Communication Strategies
10 C10.1 The Business of Reports: Informal and Formal Report Writing
11 C11 Writing Strategies for Reports and Proposals
12 C12 Culture: Inside and Out
13 C13 Interpersonal and Collaborative Messages
14 C14 The Business of Change and Conflict
15 C15 Creating a Career and Designing Resumes, C16 Interviewing to Get the Job
C17 Creativity and Visual Design

Instructional Methods
Class Participation 15%
Quizzes 10%
Projects 15%
Term Paper 30%
Presentation 10%

Criteria & Method of Evaluating Students
Final Exam 20%

100-95 A 76-74 C
94-90 A- 73-70 C-
89-87 B+ 69-67 D+
86-84 B 66-64 D
83-80 B- 63-60 D-
79-77 C+ 59 or < F