Internet Resources
Additional Cases
Use this link to find additional cases that would be helpful in your business communication course.
For undergraduates in particular, a module on employment communication early in the semester can help motivate students at a point of high self-interest and introduce all the aspects of the management communication process in a real-life scenario. Present the documents and interpersonal oral communication events in the job search as a genre system and trace the parallel paths of both the job seeker and the employing entity.
Crisis Communication
Appendix C provides an overview of two interrelated issues that are demanding more attention, especially at the graduate level: corporate reputation and crisis communication.
While you probably will not use class time to review the fine points of style, such a review may be essential to bring some students up to speed with the conventions of English language usage. Fortunately, many online writing labs (OWLs) are available to provide enlightenment. Here are a few links:
A variety of web sites also offer advice on making presentations, particularly with PowerPoint:
Business Documents
Government business centers provide free and useful advice on writing a range of documents, especially for small businesses, including business plans and proposals. For example, see the following sites:
Visit the web sites of major corporations and business periodicals to view samples of other corporate documents, including annual and quarterly reports.