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About Me?

Some people like to talk about themselves; unfortunately, I'm not one of them. . . .

. . . . If I were, I might tell you a little about myself. I might even tell you all about my name, such as why "Viasyl" and not "Sylvia."
Shakespeare said "What's in a name / A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Yet the great bard himself querried " Who is Sylvia?" Although he was quite laudatory in response to his question, I'll never tell about that. I simply am not given to discussing anything related to myself in any way. If I were, I might talk to you about the etymology of my name; I might say, Sylvia derives from sylvan, which may be defined as "gift of the forest." Had I been given to talking about myself, I might even relate that I was once teased with variations upon Sylvia, such as "sliver," "Sylvania," and other such plays on my name.
Were I inclined to talk about myself, I might say that I was born in Amsterdam , the Netherlands , and spoke no English until the age of nine, when my family and I came to this country. In my first language, Dutch, the nickname for Sylvia is --dare I say it?--Silly. "Silly" has none of the meanings in Dutch that it has in English. In America, no one calls me "Silly" (at least not to my face), even though at times I might be said to act that way. Anyway, you can see why I might want to turn my name inside out for this site, and perhaps, also, why I might turn to teaching English, which I might say I have done for all my adult life.
Well, if I were given to egotism, I might have mentioned all that and more. . . .I might have talked about some of my hobbies and interests, which include reading, writing, music (all kinds, including opera--I had season tickets to the SF opera last season), taking long, lovely walks and going for great, scenic drives, among so many other things I might mention, were I to mention them . . . , but, the fewer words the better, right?
. . . . I also could have said, were I to do so, that I really like movies and collecting videos. (I have developed a very good DVD collection, including great documentaries, many of which I use in my teaching. ) Do you like videos? But, why ask you that? Perhaps you are also not given to self-disclosure. . . .

. . . . Well, enough (not) said. . . .

Silence is golden,
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