Business Communications Formats Quiz

1. The full-block letter style is
a) the most functional format
b) has all elements left-justified
c) is the most commonly used format
d) all of the above

2. The semi-block letter format
a) is an incomplete format
b) indents all parts of the letter
c) is never used
d) sets the complimentary close and signature block to the right of center

3. Memos
a) use headings followed by colons for those addressed, the sender, the subject, the date written
b) use headings followed by colons for the city and state, the action date, and subject replies.
c) are generally not used within an organization
d) are less commonly used than letters within an organization

4. Reports are
a) always short
b) always long
c) formatted according to purpose
d) never in memo styles

5. Resumes
a) should always be presented in functional order
b) may be presented in different formats
c) are standard for all purposes
d) none of the above

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