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Purdue OWL: http://owl.English.purdue.edu/writers/introduction.htm

Purdue University has one of the most comprehensive on-line writing labs. Their front page has resources to the following: (1) Indexes for Writers, (2) General Subject Directories, (3) Online Reference Resources, (4) Books Online, (5) Guides to Style and Editing , (6) Help with Getting Published, (7) Creative Writing ,(8) Business and Technical Writing, (9) Children and Writing, (10) Professional Organizations, (11) ESL-Related Sites, (12) listserv Groups, (13) Writing in Special Fields, (14) Online libraries, (15) Distance Learning links.

Carnegie-Mellon OWL: http://English-server.hss.cmu.edu/

University of Michigan OWL: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/ecb/help/owl.htm

The University of Michigan also has numerous resources: (1) Handbooks and Handouts, (2) References , (3) Other Writing Resources , (4) OWLs (that will accept outside papers or answer questions) , (5) Writing Matterss, (6) Writing Research Paper.

University of Missouri Online Writery: http://www.missouri.edu/~writery/

Guide to Grammar and Writing: http://webster.commnet.edu/HP/pages/darling/grammar.htm

Grammar Slammer: http://Englishplus.com/grammar/

Strunk and White's Elements of Style: http://www.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/strunk/

Inkspot: A Resource for Writers: http://www.inkspot.com/

Inkspot is a frequently-updated comprehensive writing resource and community. Named by Writer's Digest Magazine as one of the best sites for writers, Inkspot offers over 2000 pages of information about the craft and business of writing, as well as dozens of discussion forums and other online networking opportunities.




Note: For a more complete listing, browse the directory of Online Writing Labs and Matterss presented by the International Writing Matterss Association.   Source:  Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue's OWL has the following list of  nearly 50 online writing sites listed here. This list is current as of January 2002. Our list has been limited to those sources we have found that provide on-line resources for writers and researchers.

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The University of Arkansas at little Rock and Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge Tennessee Cyberspace Writing Matters Consultation Project

Bellevue (WA) Community College Writing Lab

Bemidji State University Writing Matters

Bethel College Writing Matters

Bowie State University (Maryland) Writing Matters

Bowling Green State University OWL

California State University, Fresno Writing Matters

California State University, Northridge OWL

Capital Community Technical College's Guide to Grammar and Writing

Cleveland State University's The Writing Matters

Colorado College Writing Matters

Colorado State University Online Writing Matters

Dakota State University Online Writing Lab

DePaul University Writing Matters

Dickinson College Writing Matters OWL

Eastern Illinois University's Writing Matters Homepage

Ferris State University Online Writing Lab

Fitchberg State College OWL


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Gallaudet University OWL

George Mason University Writing Matters

Grinnell College Writing Lab

The University of Georgia Writing Matters

Hollins University Writing Matters

The University of Houston-Victoria Academic Matters

The University of Illinois Writers' Workshop includes an annotated list of the best sites for writers

The University of Illinois at Chicago OWL

The Iowa State University Writing Matters

The Matters for Talented Youth at The Johns Hopkins University.

Johnson County Community College Writing Matters

The Kansas University Writing Matters: The Writer's Roost on the Web

Kapiolani Community College of Hawai'i Writing Lab

Long Island University (Brooklyn campus) Writing Matters

The University of Louisville English Server

The University of Maine Writing Matters

Malaspina University-College has a Writing Across Curriculum site

Maple Woods Community College Writing Matters

Marquette University OWL

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor OWL

Michigan State University Writing Matters

The University of Minnesota Online Writing Matters

The University of Missouri Online Writery

MIT's Online Writing Matters

The Monroe County Community College Writing Matters

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Matters

The North Dakota State University Matters for Writers

The Northeastern University OWL

The Ohio State University at Newark OWL

The University of Ottawa's bilingual (English/French) Writing Centre

Pikes Peak Community College OWL

Queens' University Writing Centre


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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Program in Communication and Rhetoric

The University of Richmond Writing Matters and Writing Across the Curriculum sites

Rice University's Online Writing Lab

The Roane State Community College OWL

Salt Lake Community College Writing Matters Homepage

SAGUS, a Matters for Language and Communication in South Africa

St. Cloud State University literacy Education Online (LEO)

The San Jose State University Writing Matters. Inside is a page on writing good openers.

Shepherd College's OWL

Sonoma State's Writing Matters

SUNY Albany's Writing Matters Web Page

SUNY Empire State College's Writer's Complex

Sweet Briar College Academic Resource Matters

Syracuse University's Writing Matters

Taft Community College's OWL

The Temple University Writing Matters

The University of Texas, Austin Undergraduate Writing Matters

The Texas Tech University Writing Matters

The University of Toledo's Writing Matters

The University of Toronto's Writing Centre

The University of Toronto's Engineering Writing Centre

The Trinity College Writing Matters

Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) Online Writing Lab--The Chinese OWL

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Union College Writing Matters

Weber State University OWL

Winthrop College Writing Matters

The University of Washington Psychology Writing Matters

The University of Wisconsin Writing Lab

Villanova University Writing Matters Page

The Virginia Tech OWL

Wilkes University Writing Matters's OWL

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