Improving Vocabulary Skills Using Word Parts Your vocabulary is extremely important for all your language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking as well as your critical and creative thinking skills.

You can improve your vocabulary by learning more about the structure of words, the basic parts of words. By studying the structure of a single word (the prefix, root, and suffix which make up the word), it is possible to understand the meaning of not only that word, but many other words as well. Before you can use this strategy to your advantage, you need to learn the structure and meanings of the most widely used prefixes, roots, and suffixes. This could be as few as 50 very common elements that you probably already know to hundreds more that you partially know that you can learn with a little conscious effort.

By remembering that the word part bio means life, you can begin to know or guess at many more words.

Here’s a list of some of the words with the word part bio:

bioaccumulate, bioarm, bio-assay, bioassay, bioattack, biocatalyst, biocatalytic, biochemical, biochemically, biochemical mechanism, biochemist, biochemistry, biochip, bioclimatic, bioclimatology, biodata, biodefense, biodegradable, biodegradable pollution, biodegradation, biodegrade, biodiesel, biodiversity, biodynamics, bioelectric, bioelectricity, bioengineering, bioethics, biofeedback, bioflavinoid, biofuel, biogas, biogenesis, biogenetic, biogenic, biogenous, biogeny, biogeographic, biogeographical, biogeographical region, biogeography, biographer, biographic, biographical, biography, biohazard, biohazard suit, bioinformatics, Bioko, bio lab, biologic, biological, biological agent, biological attack, biological clock, biological defense, biological group, biologically, biological process, biological research, biological science, biological terrorism, biological time, biological warfare, biological warfare defense, biological weapon, biologic attack, biologism, biologist, biologistic, biology, biology department, biology lab, biology laboratory, bioluminescence, bioluminescent, biomass, biome, biomedical, biomedical cloning, biomedical science, biomedicine, biometric, biometric authentication, biometric identification, biometrics, biometry, bionic, bionic man, bionicsbionics, bionic woman, bionomic, bionomical, bionomics, biont, biophysicist, biophysics, biopic, biopiracy, biopsy, bioremediation, BIOS, biosafety, biosafety level, biosafety level 1, biosafety level 2, biosafety level 3, biosafety level 4, bioscience, bioscope, biosphere, biostatistics, biosynthesis, biosynthetic, biosystematic, biosystematics, biosystematy,