— 10 — Argument

TFY C8 Argument


The skills of analyzing and writing arguments require some knowledge of every chapter concept studied this far.   At this point you will be asked to integrate this learning while reviewing the structure of arguments and standards for judging arguments.  Exercises in this chapter entail guidelines for analyzing arguments, distinguishing arguments from reports, separating reasons from conclusions, recognizing missing and false information.  Writing applications challenge you to put all this knowledge together in a short persuasive argument.  You will also begin your preparations for writing a final research paper.  Final reading selections present different arguments on the issue of job outsourcing.

Chapter 8
Argument An argument offers reasons to support a conclusion with the intent to be persuasive.
Conclusion A clear statement of what an argument intends to prove or has proven.
Consistency Consistency refers to standards of logical coherence as well as constancy.
Contradiction A contradiction refers to a part or parts inconsistent with, or illogical to, other parts.
Debate question A debate question is a neutrally stated question designed to provide a neutral focus for opposing positions on an issue.
Discrepancy A discrepancy, like an incongruity, is something that diverges from an expected standard.
False Information False information refers to information that can be proven to be untrue.
Implied conclusion A conclusion understood but not explicitly stated.
Irreconcilable Irreconcilable are conflicting ideas, beliefs, or information that cannot coexist, such as contradictions.
Issue An issue is a controversial topic that arouses debate.
Missing Information Missing information refers to essential information purposefully or inadvertently omitted from an argument or report.
Reason A statement offered to explain, justify, or support the conclusion.
Report A report offers objective accounts of events and objective information.
Topic A topic is a subject that is written or spoken about.