Answers–Inference from Photos

How’d you do? This should have been an incredibly easy task for you, because we make inferences all the time in real life. In text, it’s a bit tougher, but the concept is the same. You use the presented evidence to make an educated guess about what’s going on.
Here are some suggested inferences for the previous pictures based on the evidence in the photos:
  1. Since the little girl is holding up four fingers and smiling, we can reasonably infer that she’s announcing that she’s four years old.
  2. This picture is so sad! The little girl has unkempt hair, dried, cracked lips, and a look of hurt on her face. Her eyes are filled with tears. We could reasonably infer that someone has hurt this child in some way.
  3. Pay close attention to the girl’s eyes, here. Does she look scared? Angry? Nope. Maybe she’s opening her mouth to get a doctor to peek at her sore throat or check her braces, but that would be a stretch – there’s no evidence that she’s in a doctor’s office. Based on the evidence the picture provides, we could infer that she was merely posing for an artistic picture, or goofing off with a friend, showing how wide she could open her mouth. We can’t move too far beyond the constraints of the picture, just like you can’t move beyond the constraints of the text to make wild inferences.
  4. This woman is obviously worried about something. How do we know? She’s biting her nail, her eyebrows are furrowed, and there’s a look of uncertainty in her face. We can’t name what she’s worried about because the shot only shows her face, but we can infer that she’s nervous!
  5. A casual glance at photo number five, might make you believe that these men are in a tug of war with another group not pictured, which is possible. They are all wearing gym shoes, so they could be participating in some sort of athletic boot camp or something. On the other hand, the men are all on a boat. Perhaps the men are working together to pull up the anchor. It would be a reasonable inference based on their location.
  6. This photo shows us a dog holding a deflated soccer ball. We could infer that the owner was letting the dog chase the ball and the dog popped a hole in it during play. The dogdoes look a little remorseful!
  7. Even if you’ve never personally witnessed a mother breastfeeding her child, you could infer that this was going on based on the position of the child against his mother, the pursing of the baby’s lips, and the hiking up of the shirt.
  8. Yes, you can still make inferences about photos without people! Here, you see a bouquet of roses, a book, and some sort of white material in the bottom right of the picture. Based on the items presented, we could assume that these items were going to be used in a wedding.
  9. This photo is of two young people kissing. What can we infer about the photo? Although we can’t see where these steps lead, they do not look like your typical porch steps, so we could assume that they were in a public place like a library or university. They obviously didn’t care if anyone was watching if they were kissing in a public place, so we may infer that the guy was so in love (note the awkward angle of the girl’s neck – she probably didn’t initiate the kiss) that he had to kiss her right there on the steps. 
  10. Oooh. We’ve all seen that look before, huh? The girl is immersed in some sort of work – she has a book, a pencil case, and is looking at a test booklet. The boy is either checking her out, or, more likely based on the fact that he’s also testing, taking a peek at her work.Ans