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Blogger News and Issues

This section features important news and tutorials relating to your use of

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Custom Domains

This section features tutorials in regard to using Blogger’s “custom domains” service.

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Customizing your Blogger Template

This section features all the articles I have written with regard to customizing your Blogger templates.
I have further divided this category to help you easily find a particular customization for your needs.

Overall Layout/General Customizations

Here you will find links to posts which discuss general/overall aspects of customizing your Blogger template.

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These tutorials can help you develop the header and navigational areas of your Blogger template.

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Here you can find links to articles which discuss styling of the main posts area, including the comments and post-footer sections.

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These articles have particular relevance to designing your sidebar(s)

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Footer Section

This section focuses on customizations for the footer section of your blog.

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Feeds and Syndication

These articles discuss your blog feeds and blog syndication.

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General Tutorials

This section features general articles of interest

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Images, Icons and Badges

Here you will find articles regarding the use if imagery in your Blogger template and posts.

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Labels Categories and Tags

This section contains articles discussing the use of labels, categories and tags in Blogger blogs.

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Monetize your Blog

These posts feature information about adding advertisements or using Google Adsense in regard to your Blogger blog.

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Resources for Bloggers

Here are posts discussing useful resources for bloggers.

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SEO and Blog Traffic

This category features posts which discuss search engine optimization (SEO) and generating blog traffic.

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Widgets and Add-Ons

Here are articles featuring widgets and add-ons which you can use to add functionality to your Blogger blogs.