Cinderella 21 Questions

Read each of the following statements and indicate in the space provided whether you think they are true (T), false (F), or questionable (?). Provide one reason for each of your judgments.

1. Cinderella had more than one stepsister.
2. Cinderella’s natural mother was dead.
3. The stepmother and stepsisters went to many social events.
4. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters didn’t buy any beautiful clothes for Cinderella.
5. A pumpkin can’t be turned into a gold-plated automobile.
6. The stepmother and stepsisters disliked Cinderella.
7. Cinderella’s stepmother or stepsisters made Cinderella stay home when they went to the important social events.
8. The step mother and stepsisters offered to take Cinderella to the Prince’s Ball with them.
9. Cinderella walked to the Prince’s Ball.
10. Cinderella wanted to go to the Prince’s Ball.
11. The stepmother and stepsisters left Cinderella home on the night of the Prince’s Ball.
12. Cinderella rode to the Prince’s Ball in a carriage drawn by six white horses.
13. Although the stepmother and stepsisters had beautiful clothes, they never bought clothes for themselves.

14. The stepmother and stepsisters went only to social events that were important.
15. Cinderella’s fairy godmother was an evil in disguise.