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Learning Style Inventories
Fill out this questionnaire, submit responses and receive feedback. This site can be
used to help confirm your learning style preference.
Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory (for faculty)
McKeachie’s article on learning styles (for faculty)
Matters of Learning Styles (for Faculty)
Learning Styles in Science
Learning Styles and Pedagogy (for faculty)
Provides general study skills information, including concentration and learning styles.
Provides quick information on memory and concentration strategies.
Good for review purposes.
Offers explanation and practice of concentration strategies
including the spider technique.
Study Time! How to Make the Most of It
Pre-Reading Tips
Test Taking Strategies
Test Taking Skills — Essay Questions
Study and Test Taking Skills for Peak Performance
The Ten Commandments for Taking a Test
The Basics of Effective Test Taking
Vocabulary Enhancement
Building a Better Vocabulary
Tips for a Greater Vocabulary
Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory
Memory Principles
Remembering What You Read
Improving Your Memory Skills
Time Management Tips
Managing Your Reading Time
Time Management Tips
Utah State Time Management System
Managing your Time
Speed Reading
Brain Quicken – Speed Reading Technique
Will it work for you?
Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed
Brief Suggestions for Increasing Reading Speed
Speed Reading Quizzes
Main Ideas
Top Ten Tips for selecting Main Ideas
Reading for the Main Ideas
Main Idea Exercises
Main Idea Exercises
Finding Main Ideas in Paragraphs
Finding Details
Supporting Details
Textbook Reading Systems
SQ3R — A Reading System
Reading Methods
Mind Tools — Increasing Your Retention of Written Information
Textbook Marking
Study Skills Self-Help — Textbook Marking
Improving Notetaking with Concept Maps (also good for Chapter 11)
Cornell Notetaking Method
Using Visuals
Mind Tools
Mind Mapping
Create Your Own Family Time Line
Using Outlines
What Should Students Know to Succeed in College
Logical Fallacies
Mission Critical — a full-scale tutorial for critical thinking
Advanced Critical Reading
Helpful review and practice of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
More on Bloom’s Taxonomy
Evaluating Websites
Tips on Mastering a Google Search
Evaluating Sites
Critically Analyzing Information Sources