Fourteen Words Key to 100000 Words

Fourteen Words Key to 100,000 Words

de down, away 1 DETAIN delay tam ten, tin to have, hold
inter between 2 INTERMITTENT periodic mitt miss, mie, mit to send
pre before 3 PRECEPT principle cept cept,cap, ceiv, ceit, cip to take
ob oc,of,op to,toward, against 4 OFFER provide fer lat, lay to bear, carry
in il,im,ir into, not 5 INSIST demand sist stat, sta, stan to stand, endure, persist
mono one, alone 6 MONOGRAPH writing graph gram to write
epi over,upon, beside 7 EPILOGUE ending log ology speech, science
ad a, ab, ac, af, ag, al, am, an, ap, ar, as, at, a at, to, towards 8 ASPECT distinct feature spect spec, spi, spy To look
un not 9 UNCOMPLICATED clear plic play,plex, ploy, ply speech, science
com co,col, car with
non not 10 NONEXTENDED core tens,tend stretch
ex e,ef out
re back, again 11 REPRODUCTION replica duct duc, duit, duk To lead, make, shape, fashiion
pro forward, in favor
in il, im, ir not 12 INDISPOSED not well poc pon,poat put,place
dis di,dif apart from
over above 13 OVERSUFFICIENT over supply fic fac,fact, fash, feat To make or do
sub suc,suf, sug, sup under

mis wrong 14 MISTRANSCRIBE write incorrectly scribe scrip,scriv write