Inductive Reasoning Examples

Some examples of inductive reasoning include:
  • Jennifer leaves for school at 7:00 a.m. Jennifer is always on time. Jennifer assumes, then, that she will always be on time if she leaves at 7:00 a.m.
  • The cost of goods was $1.00. The cost of labor to manufacture the time was $.50. The sales price of the item was $5.00; so, the item always provides a good profit.
  • Every windstorm in this area comes from the north. I can see a big cloud of dust caused by a windstorm in the distance; so, a new windstorm is coming from the north.
  • Bob is showing a big diamond ring to his friend Larry. Bob has told Larry that he is going to marry Joan. Bob has bought the diamond ring to give to Joan.
  • The chair in the living room is red. The chair in the dining room is red. The chair in the bedrrom is red. All chairs in the house are red.
  • Every time you eat peanuts, your throat sweels up and you can’t breath. So, you are allergic to peanuts.
  • All cats that you have observed purr. Therefore, every cat must purr.
  • Two-thirds of the students at this college receive student aid. Therefore, two-thirds of all college students receive student aid.
  • All of the girls in the class were blond, therefore all girls in this neighborhood are blond.
  • Michael just moved here from Chicago. Michael has red hair, therefore people from Chicago have red hair.
  • The children in that house yell loudly when they play in their bedroom. I can hear children yelling in that house, therefore the children must nbe playing in their bedroom.
  • All chickens that we have seen have been brown; so, all chickens are brown.
  • All cars in this town drive on the right side of the street. Therefore, all cars in all towns drive on the right side of the street.
  • John is an excellent swimmer. John’s family has a swimming pool. John’s sister Mary must also be an excellent swimmer.
  • All basketball players in your school are tall, so all basketball players must be tall.
  • All brown dogs in the park are small dogs. Therefore, all small dogs are brown.
  • All children in the day care center like to play with Legos. All children, therefore, enjoy playing with Legos.
  • Ray is a football player. All football players weigh more than 170 pounds. Ray weighs more than 170 pounds.
  • All observed houses on the South Street are falling apart. Sherry lives on South Street. Her house is falling apart.