Inferences Glossary

Chapter 4
Description versus Interpretation Pure description provides factual details that convey an accurate objective depiction of a subject. Interpretation makes inferences and judgments about the subject.
Evidence Evidence is a sign or proof that something is true or that it has or had existence.
Generalization A generalization is a statement derived from the study of a number of cases that summarizes something characteristic about these cases.
Infer To use imagination and reasoning to fill in missing facts. To connect the dots.
Justify To justify a claim means to defend and support a claim.
Obvious The obvious is something that is unconcealed and easy to see. Yet we may neglect to pay close attention to the obvious because it is so familiar.
Principal claim and reasons These are the two parts of an argument. The principal claim is the thesis or conclusion. The reasons support this claim through evidence or other claims. A claim is an assertion about something.
Thinking Purposeful mental activity such as reasoning, deciding, judging, believing, supposing, expecting, intending, recalling, remembering, visualizing, imagining, devising, inventing, concentrating, conceiving, considering.