Organization Methods

Paragraph 1
It is evident that a tremendous amount of change has occurred in
education since online courses were first introduced. Without online courses,
students would be restricted to the traditional classroom, onsite courses,
which meet at specific times, on specific days. 
Although online courses aren’t for everyone, students who prefer this
format say that it has allowed them to access an education that might not have
been possible, otherwise.  Many students
say that they have to work during the times that their courses are usually
offered, or they are homebound for a number of reasons.   Because online courses have become so
popular, it has caused colleges and universities to rethink the way that they
offer instruction.  As a result, many
colleges and universities have significantly increased the number of online
courses over the last five years.
Paragraph 2
Online courses have many qualities that make them desirable,
although they are not for everyone.  They
are convenient.  If the weather is
inclement, you don’t have to leave your home. 
And, you can study as early or as late as you’d like; some students
prefer working at 3:00 A.M.  Many single
parents find this method of instruction more economical.  They save a lot of money by not having to use
daycare services which can be very expensive. 
Also, online courses allow students to learn at a rate that’s comfortable
for them.  Some students may need more or
less time to complete assignments. 
Online courses are more flexible with the amount of time needed for
course work.
Paragraph 3
For years, some students have been home-schooled for their entire
K-12 education.  Many thought that the
quality of education would suffer if students weren’t attending school
everyday, five days a week.  But, this
isn’t so.  Studies have shown that
home-schooled children are doing very well in post-secondary institutions and
are keeping up or doing better than traditionally schooled children.  Online courses, like home-schooling, are
sharing similar results.  Many students
learn just as effectively at home as those students who attend structured
courses on campus.   Also like home-schooled
students, online students can create their own schedules.    Unlike home-schooled children, students who
take online courses, will be expected to interact with other students in the
courses. And, instead of talking and listening to your instructor and fellow
students, they will be typing and reading. 
Finally, a significant difference is the discipline required for online
courses.  Online students don’t have
anyone reminding them to do their work; it’s very easy for students who aren’t
self directed and motivated to slip behind.
Paragraph 4
Enrolling in online classes is very easy when you follow several
easy steps.  First, you need to complete
the Admissions Form, which may be done online. 
Second, you will need to submit
opener material (continUED)
ACT or SAT scores; or, you will be required to take a Placement
Test.  If you need to take a Placement
Test, it will be necessary to take the test on campus.  Third, you will need to connect with a
counselor, which can be done online, or in person. He or she will access your
test scores and Admissions Form, and will help you to select appropriate
courses.  The counselor will also create
a college plan for you, so you will have an outline of your required
classes.  The college will assist you in
creating achievable goals.  Fourth, once
you have “met” with a counselor, you are able to register for your courses
through the college’s Web program. 
Finally, the college will email verification of courses and payment to
you.  Your verification will also include
an invitation to attend an orientation, which is optional.
Paragraph 5
For students who are self-directed, there are many advantages to
taking online courses.  First, they are
very convenient.  You can establish your
own schedule for most of the course work. 
Second, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather.  If it is snowing or raining, you don’t have
to leave the comfort of your home. 
Third, you don’t have to worry about parking your car on campus, which
means that you save money by not having to purchase a parking permit or extra
gasoline. Finally, many students say that they don’t feel as inhibited and tend
to ask more questions.  As a result,
these students say that they develop more meaningful relationships with online
instructors and feel more engaged in the learning process. 
Paragraph 6
An online course is a course that is taught completely via the
Internet with definite start and end dates. 
It can be taken “anytime, anyplace.” 
It is not meant to be an independent study class though.  It is a course option that provides students
who may not otherwise be able to come to campus to take courses or who find
on-campus courses inconvenient due to work and family schedules.