Paragraph 1 – Meaning

Six days before the sunset, two girls walked into town.  The dog was small and brown; he sat patiently waiting by the tree for the green side.  But, how many times must it be returned before it can be eaten.  Matter as we have seen, can exist in three forms.  However, blood was the elixir that sustained his dark, dark life.

In one of Watson’s most famous experiments, he and his second wife conditioned a boy named Albert to fear a white rat.  At the beginning of the study, Albert was unafraid of the animal and played with it freely.  While Albert was doing so one day, Watson deliberately frightened the child by sounding a terrifying noise behind him.  Albert was startled and began to cry.  Thereafter, he avoided the rat and cried if it was brought close to him.
(Adapted from:  McConnell, J.   (1986).  Understanding Human Behavior.  Holt, Rinehart, and Winston:  Fort Worth  P, 268)