Story A Questions

Story A Questions

Questions on Story A

1 .The scientist had never been seasick before.

2.The purpose of the voyage was primariiy pleasure and sight-seeing.

3.The story lists various incidents which follow the killing of a bird.

4.After the scientist shot the albatross the troubles happened.

5.No scientist’s name was mentioned in the story.

6.The scientist was surprised to see a white albatross in the vicinity.
7.The scientist was not from a university or college. 8.The scientist asked the captain for permission to kill the bird.

9.It took the crew members less than five minutes to reel in the seventeen hundred feet of cable,

1O.A lost gear made it necessary for the ship to return to the west coast.

11 .Fortunately, the net cables never fouled up.

12.A ship was chartered by a scientist.

13.The net was ripped in the bottom of the sea.

14.The cook was fired because of his objection to the killing of the bird.

15 .Larson broke a leg.

1 6.After the bird was killed the mishaps occurred.

17.The white albatross was sighted near Australia.

1 8.When an albatross was sighted flying near the ship the scientist asked permission to kill it.

19.The net was not damaged.