TFY9e-C02 -Glossary- Word Precision

Chapter 2
Critical reading Critical reading is analytical and evaluative reading based on accurate neutral comprehension of the material.
Definition A concise explanation of the meaning of a word that shows us its boundaries.
Principal claim and reasons These are the two parts of an argument. The principal claim is the thesis or conclusion. The reasons support this claim through evidence or other claims. A claim is an assertion about something.
Term and class Term refers to the word defined and class refers to the largest family to which the term is related.
Thinking Purposeful mental activity such as reasoning, deciding, judging, believing, supposing, expecting, intending, recalling, remembering, visualizing, imagining, devising, inventing, concentrating, conceiving, considering.
Word Word is a sound or group of sounds that communicate meaning. These sounds are also translatable into written symbols.
Word concept A concept is a abstract idea or principle conveyed in a word.
Word connotation Word connotation refers to the additional shades of meaning and emotional associations that a word may carry.