TFY9e-C02-Web Links

Web Links
Chapter 2
Here broadens
our understanding of the word concept through dictionary and
encyclopedia definitions as applied to philosophy and the sciences.
This site offers an
etymologic quiz for guessing the origins of words. Can you get the right
answers on the basis of logical reasoning?
From Senses to Words
Study the way Diane
Ackerman uses language to explore “the mute sense” of smell in this excerpt
taken from her book A Natural History of the Senses. Click on
“Search inside this book” to read the first pages of this excerpt.
Malcolm X
Learn more about this
charismatic figure, his life and career.
Theories about Truth
Compare your findings
about definitions to this Wikipedia discussion that includes
philosophical theories about the nature of truth.
At compare
the definitions of truth given in a long list of
dictionaries. You might also try the same for the word reality.
You can also do a Google search on the wordtruth that will bring
up a list of definitions across the web.
Word Connotation
At this site note how
the word connotation is given numerous definitions. Studying
and comparing each one can help us expand our understanding of the meaning of
the term.