Visuals in Texts

chapter opener material:  VISUAL #1

Clarkesville, Tennessee, the morning after a tornado devastated the city on January 22. The Trinity building, consecrated in 1881, was the third church in the Diocese of Tennessee to be destroyed by tornadoes within less than a year. (Episcopal News Service photo by Bishop Bertram Herlong)
1.    I n Chapter 11, you learn how to read, understand and create visuals. Visuals convey meaning to us, just as words in a book do, and they help us remember.
2.     Why do instructors and authors use visuals?  How do they help us to learn more effectively?   
3.      ·         What is the message of the visual?
·         Is it effective?  Why?
·         Will it help you remember the message?  How?
·         Do you think that this visual is as powerful as words?  In what way?