Open Source Portfolios

Open Source Portfolio
What is the OSP?
The OSP supports portfolio-based
activities by providing an environment in
which a person, as a portfolio owner, is
able to exhibit their work. A portfolio
owner is provided tools: to collect items
that best represent their
accomplishments, their learning, or their
work; to reflect upon these items and
their connections; to design a portfolio
that showcases the best selections of this
work; and to publish the portfolio to a
designated audience.
OSP History

The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) initiative is an education community collaborating on the development of the best non-proprietary, open source electronic portfolio software available. The OSP began as a project in January 2003 to make the University of Minnesota’s electronic portfolio system available to the world as open source software. The University of Delaware and The rSmart Group joined the University of Minnesota in this cooperative project and released the first version of the OSP in July 2003. The project had two key objectives: (1) prepare the software that had been in use at UMN for more than five years for other schools to use; (2) develop a community that would shape the future of OSP and sustain it in years to come.
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