Description Essay Reader-Response Sheet

Description Essay
Reader-Response Sheet
Writer’s name: ________________________________
Reader’s name: _______________________________
As the writer, my major concerns/questions for my readers are:
Reader, please respond to each question.
1. What is the writer’s topic?
2. What is/are the dominant impression(s) the writer seems to be making? If there is a sentence that states the dominant impression, write it here. If there is not a sentence that states the dominant impression, write what you believe it is.
3. Has the writer used a subjective or objective perspective? What makes the choice of perspective work well in the essay?
4. What makes the opening effective? How might it be made more effective?
5. What do you find to be most effective about the essay as a whole?
6. Discuss the level and breadth of detail used—where does the writer use language effectively? Where does she/he use sensory images? Which senses does the writer appeal to? Where has the writer used active verbs?
7. Make some suggestions for increasing the level and breadth of detail. Please make specific references to the essay.
8. What two or three specific questions do you have for the writer?
9. Please circle any words that you suspect are misspelled or are typos—DON’T CORRECT THEM!
10. Indicate with “frag” any sentence fragments you suspect or find.
11. Indicated with “r-o” any comma splices or fused sentences that you suspect or find.
12. Please check off each of the following items that apply:
_____ proper heading (you, me, class, date)
_____ a title that describes the contents of the essay
_____ 2 full pages minimum length
_____ a good opening gambit
_____ appeals to all the senses
_____ uses strong verbs
_____ uses at least one simile or metaphor