Part 1 – Web Links

Writing Summaries

Beginning the Writing Process

Forming Your Thesis Statement

Opening Your Draft

Developing the Middle

Ending Your Draft

Revising Your Voice and Style

Revising Collaboratively

Using the Writing Center

Avoiding Imprecise, Misleading, and Biased Words

Also, for help with specific word-choice challenges like wordiness, take this quiz.

Proofreading Your Writing

Improve Your Grade
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Bullet image Step-by-Step Writing Assignments
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Several mini-assignments will walk you through the writing process

Bullet image Visual Activities
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Reinforce your critical viewing skills with visual activities.

Bullet image Game
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This game is a fun way to help you learn how to revise an essay into a unified and coherently organized whole.

Bullet image Annotated Readings
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These pop-up annotations demonstrate how essays can be read critically.

Daily Writing Tips — Writing Basics