ACICS Minimum Syllabus Requirements

ACICS Minimum Syllabus Requirements
Syllabus. A description of how the course will be taught with a planned arrangement of materials and activities. The minimum requirements for a course syllabus consist of:
1. The title and course description, course number
2. Course prereq┬Čuisites and/or co-requisites
3. Instructional contact hours/credits
4. Learning objectives
5. Instructional materials and refer┬Čences
6. Topical outline of the course
7. Instructional methods
8. Out-of-class learning activities and assignments (homework)
9. Assessment criteria (by assignment and grade scale)
10. Method of evaluating students (including assignment weights/percentages)
11. The date the syllabus was last reviewed.

A course syllabus should be reviewed to ensure that it reflects the most recent trends, developments, and instructional materials for the specific subject areas. A current syllabus prepared and utilized by instructors